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General Fine Craft, Art & Design 

Award «Best jewellery» at the New Art Festival 2015, Ottawa, Ontario



+ Prix «Production métiers d'art de l'année 2013»

pour la collection «Comme un Oursin»

remis par Culture Mauricie au Gala Arts Excellence 2013 +


Infos du gala Arts Excellence : lien


+La lauréate du «Prix Excellence» est Marie-Ève Bordeleau, joaillière contemporaine+ au Festival des artisans de Ste-Marcelline-de-Kildare 2011


+ Exposition 2011 +

Salon des métiers du Québec à Montréal 2011


Exposition 2010

Salon Passion Bois 2010

Une de mes pièces a été sélectionnée par Marcel Leboeuf, comédien, dans le cadre du concours «Les trouvailles de Marcel » au salon Passion Bois 2010 de St-Hyacinthe.


+ Parutions dans les journaux +

Récipiendaire du prix "Production métiers d'arts Excellence 2013" au Gala Arts Excellence

Participation au Salon des métiers d'art-Québec (Plein Art) 2012,-un-metier-qui-s%26rsquoapprend!/1

Les lauréats 2011 au Festival des Artisans de

Rendez-vous avec les créateurs au Salon des métiers
d'art de Trois-Rivières 2011

Les finalistes d'Arts excellence

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Welcome to the creations of Marie-Eve Bordeleau


The "ready-to-wear sculptures" of Marie-Eve Bordeleau stand out for their elegance and character. Marie-Eve has a deep heart connection to the sea and to urchin shells. She is fascinated by the unique textures that resemble lace or marine elements, which she embeds in high quality sterling or gold. The textures, the visuals – they all tell a unique story. Once she impregnates these into a setting, often alongside freshwater pearls or even local and exotic wood, they become an everlasting memory and a recollection of places.

Before creating each individual piece of jewellery, Marie-Eve does not know which form or function will appear. The emerging shape, revealing the elements of nature is the surprise that moves both the creator and the wearer of the jewelry. Each piece is then polished to perfect brilliance by hand.


Artist’s bio

From a young age, I had an interest in art and handicrafts. I started by making jewellery with embroidery thread, hemp thread as well as wood and glass beads. As time passed, I needed a challenge thus, I decided to continue my studies in the arts field. In 2006, I graduated from the l’École de Joaillerie de Québec (Quebec School of Jewellery). I am the proud winner of the “Prize for Technical Evolution,” and was awarded in all three years of my study. After a few 2010 business-training courses in Trois-Rivières, “Ready-to-wear Sculptures by Marie-Eve Bordeleau” was born.


On a 2004 work/study adventure to British Columbia, Canada, I fell for the charm of the west coast nature. While in Tofino, on the upper west coast of Vancouver Island, I spotted it – the biggest sea urchin I had ever seen. I was so taken by this shell that it became the symbol of my trip. For me, this sea urchin represented pure moments of happiness, liberty and being in the present moment. I felt as though I had discovered a great treasure in such a simple object. On the three-day bus ride home, the seashell broke. I was so sad that I decided to remake the sea urchin in precious metal. I was so impressed by the textured results that I made an entire collection.

“For me, this collection represents a dream of travel, ambition, health, liberty, a fondness for simple things as well as a passion for nature and life.”

Today, I love making limited edition, contemporary jewellery in varying series. The collection ranges from rings for men and women, brooches, and pendants to necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I choose top sterling silver, gold, as well as exotic wood from woodworking workshops. The gentle textures and visuals left by the imprint of sea urchin shells make each piece 100% unique and nature surprises us with beauty every time. I design and draw my models, cut, sculpt, sand the wood, melt, and even weld the metal. I maintain the machinery; manage the advertising; do the graphic design; complete the accounting; and last but not least, I represent my own jewellery.

I am a member of the Council of Quebec Art and holder of several scholarships. I obtained the 2010, 2012 and 2013 Excellence Award, which is given to component craft creators by the Excellence Gala of Art Culture of Mauricie. I am also honoured to be the winner of the “Production Crafts Art 2013” award for the “Like an Urchin” collection.

 You can find my creations in several shops, craft fairs as well as in my online store.


How “Ready-to-wear Sculptures” by Marie-Eve Bordeleau are made

In my creations, the texture and patterns are ubiquitous. The shell of the sea urchin inspires emotions, feelings and memories. The unique impressions left by the shells symbolize a true story, a trip or an unforgettable moment. By tracing an object into precious materials such as gold or silver, it becomes a reminder of a story that you never want to forget.

At the start of production, I never know which shape or function the piece will have. The raw forms that result from the impressions are what inspire me to make this kind of jewellery. Rectangular forms allow for rich, expanding textures while circular shapes take us to new places. Every step of imprinting, molding, melting, cutting, welding, sanding, and polishing brings you pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets—complete with the stamp of nature.

Sterling silver provides brilliance, reminiscent of the reflections of water. At times, I prematurely blacken the jewels to create depth as well as highlight the textures of the lace or marine elements. I choose to add sculpted wood from Québec and other regions to give color and vivacity to the creations. Soft Mother of Pearl is also sometimes added to the sterling silver, giving a touch of femininity and sophistication while fine nuggets of gold symbolize the wealth of forms in marine life.